EU must follow UK ban on ivory trade

05-Jun-2018 @ 10:00

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EU must follow UK ban on ivory trade

The EU is being urged to follow the UK's lead and introduce a near total ban on the sale of ivory.

The House of Commons last night signalled its support for what, when enacted, will be amongst the world's toughest restrictions on ivory sales.

Conservative MEPs' Deputy Leader Jacqueline Foster, Vice-President of the European Parliament's animal welfare intergroup, welcomed the vote and urged the EU to adopt similarly tough legislation.

She said: "Only global action will stamp out the ivory trade, which leads to the poaching of 20,000 elephants a year and contributes significant funds to criminal organisations.

"I want future generations to be able to enjoy our world's diverse wildlife, not to just read about it in history books. By acting together and closing the market for these items, we can make a huge contribution to saving these beautiful animals.

"Britain is showing global leadership. The EU should take note and follow suit."

Mrs Foster plans to call on the European Commission to bring forward proposals for an ivory sale ban next week in the European Parliament.

Under the proposals currently passing through Westminster, the sale of ivory and ivory products of any age would be outlawed, with only limited exceptions for specific items, including musical instruments, which contain small quantities of ivory. Currently the sale of pre-1947 items is allowed and new ivory products are sometimes artificially aged in an illegal attempt to circumvent the rules.

The measures go further than those recently introduced by the United States and China to regulate their domestic ivory markets.


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