Figures expose pointless EU directive

17-Apr-2015 @ 1:0

Anthea McIntyre Anthea McIntyre

Anthea McIntyre Anthea McIntyre

Anthea McIntyre Anthea McIntyre

A study ordered by Conservative MEPs has laid bare the futility of the notorious EU Working Time Directive.

The statistical study by the agency Eurofound established that many people were working longer hours in the countries where the directive is universally applied than in  countries such as Britain where there is a general opt-out.

In the United Kingdom less than 15 per cent of workers were shown to be working more than 48 hours per week. But the figure was higher in no fewer than five countries where the opt-out is banned outright – Italy, Portugal, Croatia, Romania and Greece (where the figure was a massive 42 per cent).

And in countries where only limited use of the opt-out is allowed a further six countries had more people working longer hours than the UK – Slovenia, Latvia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland.

The report was originally requested by the European Parliament's European Conservatives and Reformists Group and was presented yesterday (Thursday) to the employment committee in Brussels.

Conservative employment spokesman Anthea McIntyre MEP said: "We asked for this report in the belief that it would expose the pointlessness of this thoroughly meddlesome, socialist-inspired directive. And so it has.

"When 16 EU countries out of 28 are currently using an opt-out, that pretty much demonstrates that there was no need of an EU-wide directive in the first place.

"Now we see that it is even counter-productive in the countries where it is supposed to be strictly enforced everywhere.  It is utter chaos."

The West Midlands MEP concluded: "The EU Commission is currently reviewing this piece of legislation.  We hope they take a pragmatic approach, ignore the idealistic rhetoric that underpins this directive and get rid of it once and for all."

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