Foster rejects "ridiculous" report calling for a ban on cars

02-Dec-2015 @ 19:45

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A report from a Green MEP calling for cars to be banned from all European cities by 2050 has been rejected by Conservatives.

The non-legislative report was supposed to focus on promoting the sustainable development of transport.

However the report strays into issues of urban planning, such as the establishment of pedestrian zones, and the pricing of parking.

It also contains a bizarre call for cars to be banned from cities by the middle of the century.

Conservative Transport Spokesman Jacqueline Foster commented: "Thankfully this report has no legislative impact as it is full of impractical and quite frankly ridiculous demands.

"Banning all cars from all European cities by 2050 may seem like a nice idea at Green Party gatherings, but on planet Earth it would cause chaos.

"I am sure this report is well intentioned, but like so many from the European Parliament it strays into issues that are best dealt with at a national or local level.

The North West MEP and Deputy Leader of the Conservatives in the European Parliament added: "There are indeed real questions to be answered about issues like the best use of using revenue gained from road tolls, reducing emissions and ensuring proper infrastructure for cyclists.

"However these are a matter for national governments as well as individual towns or cities to decide, not a group of MEPs searching for utopia."


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