Fox: Conservatives reject "interfering" report on EU election rules

11-Nov-2015 @ 19:45

Ashley Fox Ashley Fox

Ashley Fox Ashley Fox

Ashley Fox Ashley Fox

A report from a group of MEPs on bringing in common EU rules for European Parliament elections has been branded "interfering and unnecessary" by the leader of the Conservative delegation in the European Parliament, Ashley Fox.

The report from the Constitutional Affairs Committee calls for, among others, harmonised voting ages and the creation of an EU electoral authority, as well as a common voting day.

In a further attempt to "Europeanise" elections, the committee suggests that logos of European political parties should be placed on ballot papers, despite most British voters feeling allegiance with national parties, rather than EU-wide groups.

Mr Fox, MEP for the South West and Gibraltar, said: "This is yet another interfering attempt by over-zealous MEPs to subvert national electoral systems and traditions.

"The running of elections is a cornerstone of a country's national sovereignty, and Conservative MEPs will continue to resist any moves to bring in one-size-fits-all election rules.

"In the UK, our traditional voting day is Thursday and we utterly reject unnecessary attempts to bring in a unified voting day across the EU"

The South West and Gibraltar MEP added: "The ultimate aim of too many MEPs in the European Parliament is revealed by the claim in the report that harmonisation of electoral law will 'strengthen the political dimension of European integration'".


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