Fox lashes costly EU lobbying over death penalty

25-Sep-2015 @ 12:0

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Leading Conservative MEP Ashley Fox today condemned Brussels officials after it emerged they had spent millions of pounds lobbying American politicians to drop the death penalty.

He reacted after a report by the EU's Court of Auditors revealed the cost of €3 million and suggested it had been money well spent since it produced results.

"Mr Fox said: "I am astonished. It appears the EU's appetite for interfering really has no bounds.

"What on earth has America's position on capital punishment to do with the EU?

"On whose behalf do they think they are doing this? There is no benefit whatsoever to British taxpayers.

"I am against the death penalty and do not want it re-introduced in the UK. However, the US is a democratic country and its citizens are capable of deciding for themselves in their own electoral process whether they want capital punishment or not. They do not need EU interference.

"This is no more than taxpayer-sponsored busy-bodying. You'd think there were no other pressing problems in Europe more worthy of their attention and our money."

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