Fox to Tsipras: Go for an orderly exit - not the martyrdom of expulsion

08-Jul-2015 @ 11:45

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The Greek prime minister should concentrate on taking his country out of the euro in an orderly way – not engineering an expulsion to play the martyr.


That was the warning to Alexis Tsipras today from Ashley Fox, leader of Britain's Conservative MEPs. He spoke after the hard-Left premier addressed the European Parliament in Strasbourg with his latest plea for more of Europe's time and money to keep Greece in the single currency.

In a stinging condemnation of both Mr Tsipras and the EU's own track record, Mr Fox said: "I am deeply sorry for the Greek people.  They have been ill served by a corrupt political class who spent too much and borrowed too much, for far too long.

"Not only did Greece fiddle their economic statistics in order to join the Euro, but the other states knew they were a fiction.

"Now the Euro isn't working - and nor are millions of young people in Greece and across Europe. Greece is bankrupt, and it would be best if Eurozone states admitted this to their taxpayers.

"Mr Tsipras, your behaviour suggests you know Greece has to leave the Euro, but you don't want to admit it. You are waiting to be kicked out so you can play the martyr.

"I recommend you negotiate an orderly exit from the Euro which is the best chance Greece has of recovering."


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