Gibraltar MEP hit by Spanish trolling torrent

15-Aug-2013 @ 9:0

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Anthea McIntyre Anthea McIntyre

Anthea McIntyre Anthea McIntyre

A British MEP has been bombarded with vicious abuse by Spanish internet trolls after standing up for Gibraltar over Spain's bullying



Julie Girling, Conservative MEP for the South West and Gibraltar, was singled out for a series of deeply offensive and racist messages via Email and Twitter after she intervened in the dispute over Spanish tactics which are causing huge delays at the Gibraltar border.

Following her suggestion that British holidaymakers should boycott Spanish resorts in protest, the vicious messages began arriving from Spain.

One person identifying themselves only as Javier said: "You are a nazi Julie Goering."

Other matters were even more offensive and included "F***ing bitch", "You're too ugly to visit Spain anyway", and a suggestion using racist terms that she should holiday in India.*

Mrs Girling said: "It may be that to be trolled goes with the job. However, the Spanish Twitter trolls aren't doing their argument any favours by trolling me.

"Their abuse shows they have no argument as they can only resort to the lowest form of language.

"The people of Gibraltar need our support. They will not be bullied by the Spanish Government or by a minority of the Spanish people. Neither will I."

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