Green lobby endangers science-based policy making

03-Feb-2015 @ 17:45

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Amjad Bashir Amjad Bashir

Amjad Bashir Amjad Bashir

The former chief scientific adviser to the European Commission has hit out at environmental groups, accusing them of using "fabricated" claims to get the post scrapped.

Professor Anne Glover said she was "deeply disappointed" at the behaviour of groups such as Greenpeace which successfully lobbied new Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to abolish the job created by his predecessor, Jose Manuel Barroso.

Julie Girling MEP, who is a vocal supporter of the chief scientific advisor role said: “Mr Junker has caved into the green lobby. He has reneged on a personal commitment provided to me and my political group. I believe that in a leaner, less bureaucratic, growth-focused Europe, the role of science should be augmented not diminished.

The importance of this role must not be underestimated, we need more scientific input not less, that's how we keep flaky legislation off the statute books. This move is grossly short-sighted.”

The role of the scientific adviser has been "To provide independent expert advice on any aspect of science, technology and innovation as requested by the President, (and) analysis on major policy proposals being submitted to the (Commission) College." It has been hailed by many MEPs for providing important scientific checks and balances to wayward or over-zealous environmental and food-safety legislation.

Before his presidency was confirmed, Mr Juncker attended a meeting of European Conservatives and Reformists Group MEPs to canvass support. When questioned directly by Mrs Girling he assured her the post would remain.

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