How to make Commonwealth relations "Brexit-proof"

13-Sep-2019 @ 14:00

Nosheena Mobarik Nosheena Mobarik

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How to make Commonwealth relations "Brexit-proof"


Ways to maintain commonwealth links with the EU after Britain leaves were on the agenda at a gathering of top diplomats.

More than 20 Ambassadors, Heads of Mission and Consuls were brought together by Scottish Conservative MEP Baroness Nosheena Mobarik, who chairs the Commonwealth Forum.

The diplomats, all from the missions of Commonwealth states to the EU, discussed how to promote the Commonwealth in the European Parliament and how embassies could contribute to hearings, meetings and committee work. The meeting provided an informal forum for an engaging discussion in which all representatives had the opportunity to contribute and be heard.

The group included representatives of Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uganda, New Zealand, Mozambique, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, Singapore, Guyana and South Africa, and met at the Stanhope Hotel, Brussels. Also in attendance were representatives of smaller island states such as Kiribati & Nauru and Vanuatu.

Lady Mobarik said: "Co-operation between Commonwealth countries and the EU is getting better all the time - but it is important for us to make them Brexit-proof."

"Just as Britain will be strengthening its links with the Commonwealth family post-Brexit - it is important for the Commonwealth to build and maintain healthy relations with the EU."

"That is why the forum was created, to promote these valuable links between the European Institutions and the Commonwealth."

"The gathering was hugely positive and I expect a good working relationship to continue long after Brexit is forgotten."


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