Internal Market Committee re-elects Vicky Ford

25-Jan-2017 @ 11:00

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Internal Market Committee re-elects Vicky Ford

Conservative MEP Vicky Ford has today been re-elected chairman of the European Parliament's influential Internal Market and Consumer Affairs Committee (IMCO).

Mrs Ford, who first became chairman in 2014, was re-elected by acclamation and will hold the post until the end of the current parliament in May 2019.

She said “I am pleased to be able to continue this work and to do all I can to help maintain amicable and open dialogue across Europe and between the UK and the EU-27.

“The IMCO Committee looks at the practical elements of removing barriers to trade across Europe. I hope that many of these practical co-operation networks will continue for both the UK and the rest of the EU post-Brexit.

"Re-confirming a UK Conservative in this important role confirms my view that many across Europe wish to maintain a close co-operative partnership with the UK, minimise barriers to trade and keep an amicable and open dialogue during all negotiations, including those on Brexit."

The re-election of East of England MEP Mrs Ford emphasises the determination of Conservative MEPs to continue to represent the UK's interests and fulfil their role in the Parliament’s work until Britain leaves the EU.


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