Juncker urged not to drop air quality legislation

11-Dec-2014 @ 17:0

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A leaked EU Commission document published in Brussels today suggests that President Jean-Claude Juncker has decided to drop a planned directive on air quality.

Julie Girling, Conservative environment spokesman in the European Parliament, reacted with dismay to the news and called on the Commission to reinstate the package to next year's legislative programme. She is the parliament's rapporteur, or lead MEP, on the proposed legislation.

Mrs Girling said: "If it really has been withdrawn we would object in the strongest possible terms.

"We entirely support Mr Juncker's objective of making sure the EU concentrates on really effective legislation – and drops proposed laws which would be too complicated, too burdensome or would produce harmful knock-on consequences. But unfortunately this time he has chosen the wrong target.

"This is a good package of legislation intended to improve the quality of the air we all breathe. For once the European Parliament is united on this – and so are all the relevant campaign groups and experts.

"The commission really should not be flying in the face if such unity and strength of feeling.

"We Conservatives think it is vitally important that Mr Juncker's better-regulation strategy is a success. Making this package its first scalp would be a calamitous start."

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