Kamall condemns EU cash grab

24-Oct-2014 @ 12:0

Syed Kamall Syed Kamall

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The EU Commission's demand for £1.7 billion in additional funding from Britain has been strongly condemned by the leader of Britain's Conservative MEPs, Syed Kamall.

The London MEP said: "The commission is penalising Britain for taking tough decisions, putting in place a long term economic plan and for having the most successful economy in the EU, while actually rewarding France for being an economic basket case," he said.

"This is not moving the goalposts, it is playing the game on a different field.

"David Cameron is absolutely right to stand up to this attempted daylight robbery by the EU."

"This is outrageous and harms the EU's relationship with Britain. At times like this, the European Commission can be its own worst enemy."

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