Kamall: European Commission step in the right direction on reducing burdens

19-Jun-2014 @ 11:0

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Anthea McIntyre Anthea McIntyre

Anthea McIntyre Anthea McIntyre

The leader of Britain's Conservative MEPs Syed Kamall has welcomed today’s announcement of further actions aimed at making some EU laws less burdensome and costly, following a long campaign by the ECR Group to ensure regulation is acting as a conduit for business, rather than a barrier.

As part of its so-called REFIT programme, the commission has proposed a number of measures for simplifying existing law, or withdrawing either existing laws or legislative proposals, including the Pregnant Workers Directive.

He said:

“Too often EU law has been introduced with noble intentions but every time we act there are unintended consequences, especially when legislating for a diverse continent.

“The commission is correct to start focusing attention on areas where EU law should be repealed or reformed.

“As we look towards making the EU fit for the 2050s, we need a culture change from the 1950s vision that every problem can only be solved by EU legislation. Legislation should be a conduit for enabling people and businesses, not a barrier holding them back.

“Much of this programme to cut red tape has been led by the hard work of ECR MEPs, and we have argued that EU-wide maternity leave proposals had the right aims, but would lead to more inflexibility for women.

“We will continue to work so that the EU is constantly asking how it can deliver better legislation that tackles future challenges, rather than knee-jerk red tape that produces detrimental unintended consequences.”

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