Labour report on tax threatens national sovereignty, say Conservative MEPs

16-Dec-2015 @ 13:0

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Conservative MEPs have voted to reject a report from a British Labour MEP which calls for more powers for the European Commission over tax policies.

The report, co-written by Anneliese Dodds, calls for the introduction of a Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base, a European definition of tax havens, and mandatory notification of all new tax measures by national governments to the European Commission.

It is part of the European Parliament's response to the "LuxLeaks" revelations over allegations of tax avoidance.

Conservative MEPs fully support the fight against aggressive tax avoidance, but this should be a global fight, rather than yet another excuse for handing over more powers to the European Commission.

Ashley Fox MEP, leader of the Conservative delegation in the European Parliament said: "Once again we see how Labour MEPs simply do not have British interests at heart, being behind a report which calls for tax policies to be handed over to Brussels bureaucrats.

"This report completely oversteps the mark with regards to tax harmonisation. Tax policies are a matter for national governments, and Conservative MEPs will fight to keep it that way.

"Of course, tackling tax fraud and other harmful taxation practices is a very real issue, but it is one that reaches beyond the frontiers of the EU, and so an international agreement is needed.

"Instead of coming up with its own ideas, the EU should be rigorously following the ongoing work already done by the OECD and the G20."

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