Latest bout of Spanish bullying condemned

10-Aug-2015 @ 15:30

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A Conservative MEP today condemned the latest spate of incursions by Spanish vessels into Gibraltar's waters – and vowed to continue her opposition to Spain's aggression..

Julie Girling MEP, who represents Gibraltar and South West England in the European Parliament, said: “Spain is fully aware of the legal position around territorial waters, yet over the past two years has increased unlawful incursions by state vessels from around five per month to around 40 per month. These provocations by the Spanish are unacceptable.

"These incursions were committed by police officers. They should know the law – and what it says is 'keep out of our waters'.

"I have contacted the Foreign Commonwealth Office in London to raise the concerns of the many constituents who have contacted me, not just about the incursions but about the disgraceful delays at the border. I have robustly defended the interests of Gibraltar in the European Parliament and will continue to do so.”

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