Lewer: Preventing radicalisation should not be an excuse for further EU propaganda

19-Jan-2016 @ 11:0

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Conservative MEPs have rejected a report from a Labour MEP which calls for an increase in education about so-called "EU citizenship" to play a role in the fight against radicalisation.

Although the report is no doubt well intentioned in recognising the vital role of education in promoting intercultural dialogue, it strays too far into issues which are outside of the competence of the EU.

It contains many references to EU "values and citizenship", and calls for the harmonisation and simplification of visa procedures as a way of encouraging cultural co-operation.

Andrew Lewer MBE MEP, Conservative spokesman on culture and education commented: "Unfortunately this is yet another example of MEPs trying to find any excuse to further their obsession with so-called EU citizenship and EU common values.

"Once again we see MEPs taking a very real issue, in this case tackling radicalisation, and using it to promote further teaching in our schools of EU propaganda.

"Of course, education and better intercultural dialogue are extremely important tools in the fight against violent extremism and radicalisation. However this does not mean an expanded role for the EU.

The East Midlands MEP added: "If the EU really wants to protect cultural diversity, then it should stick to having a supporting role in culture and education, and leave the policy making to national governments"

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