Lewer: Urgent answers needed over Euronews subsidies

12-Jun-2015 @ 11:0

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Amjad Bashir Amjad Bashir

Amjad Bashir Amjad Bashir

Andrew Lewer, the Conservative Party's Culture Spokesman in the European Parliament, has demanded that the European Commission come clean about the value of the subsidies given to the Euronews television channel.

It is now eight weeks since Mr Lewer tabled a parliamentary question to the Commission about the subsidies, but he is still yet to receive an answer.

Mr Lewer's question highlighted the fact that Euronews is now owned by an Egyptian multi-millionaire media mogul, and yet is still receiving a subsidy of €25m of European taxpayers' money every year, via the European Commission.

He also asked the Commission to state when Euronews was last audited, and whether its finances were in order, in view of the vast subsidy it receives.

Mr Lewer's comments came as the channel sent out a press release which he described as "self-congratulatory and arrogant".

The East Midlands MEP commented: "This press release conveniently forgets to mention the key reasons why the channel is both a wasteful and unreliable source of news.

"It is clear from their press release how good at propaganda Euronews are.

"It is a pity that those who pay for their propaganda to appear on the network are rather less good at answering questions about their activities".




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