McClarkin: Time to tackle match-fixing

11-Apr-2018 @ 15:00

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McClarkin: Time to tackle match-fixing

A major conference exploring how match-fixing in football can be ended warned that unless the practice was stopped fans and players would be “alienated”.

Organised by Conservative MEP Emma McClarkin, the conference brought football players, experts, and major football associations together to find a way forward for the beautiful game.

Ms McClarkin said: “Match-fixing undermines the values of football, such as integrity, fair play, and respect for others. Unless match manipulation of sport competitions is brought to an end both football fans and players will be alienated.”

“Despite the efforts in place to combat match-fixing on both national and international levels, the problem remains. Interpol has found that between 2012 and 2013 over 70 countries, across six continents, reported the practice. It’s clear we must do more to tackle the problem.”

“I’ve brought football players, associations and fans together so we can raise awareness of the issue and find new ways to end it. The EU must work its member states and other international organisations to clean up football, so that the beautiful game isn't tarnished by corruption.”

"The overwhelming message from the conference is clear, if we are to tackle match-fixing we must improve information sharing between gambling companies, sport associations and law enforcement. Only a co-ordinated and comprehensive strategy can kick the problem out of football once and for all."

Damian Collins MP, Chair of the UK House of Common's Sports Select Committee, ex-footballer Ramon Vega, experts from Europol and the UN, representatives from FIFA and UEFA, joined the panel in the European Parliament.


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