MEP McClarkin launches Commonwealth initiative in Brussels

10-Mar-2016 @ 01:00

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At a reception in Brussels to celebrate Commonwealth Day on Monday, Conservative MEP Emma McClarkin will launch her initiative for The Commonwealth Forum; a Brussels-based association which allows and encourages Commonwealth nations, diplomats, individuals and institutions to come together to promote the interests of the global organisation.

The aim of the forum is to raise the profile of the Commonwealth amongst the EU institutions, encourage closer cooperation and promote the work of the Commonwealth secretariat in areas such as sport, trade and development. As such the forum will formally apply to become a branch of the Royal Commonwealth Society in the weeks to come.

The event will be attended by a variety of Commonwealth Ambassadors from across the globe, including India, Canada, Sri Lanka, South Africa and Pakistan. Also attending are leaders of British religious and educational organisations in Brussels and representatives from the other EU Commonwealth nations of Cyprus and Malta.

Ms McClarkin said: "It is important that Brussels keeps looking outwards, developing networks and maximising already established relationships. The Commonwealth represents these opportunities and we should be doing more to foster these relations and raise the profile of its work.

"The Commonwealth has a rich heritage and works to improve the lives of individuals in a number of third world countries, but as an organisation it is regularly overlooked. I hope that the Commonwealth Forum will serve as a platform to highlight the work that the Commonwealth does, but also that it goes further in supporting the work and efforts of this organisation around the world."

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