Mobarik: UN must not add the Rohingya to its list of failures

19-Sep-2019 @ 11:15

Nosheena Mobarik Nosheena Mobarik

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Mobarik: UN must not add the Rohingya to its list of failures

The United Nations Organisation was warned today not to make the Rohingya crisis one more tragedy on its list is of failures through inaction.

The plea came in the European Parliament from MEP Baroness Nosheena Mobarik, a long-standing campaigner for the Rohingya Muslims and against Myanmar's persecution of them.

Lady Mobarik, Conservative MEP for Scotland, said: "The Rohingya tragedy is becoming another of the many unresolved human rights issues which the UN can add to its list.

"Bangladesh - clearly struggling with its own challenges - has been left with the fallout of its neighbours criminal actions."

"Processing proof of identity of refugees has resulted in 3,450 people being given approval by the Myanmar authorities to return."

"At this rate it would take Bangladesh hundreds of years to process close to a million displaced people on their doorstep - and those identified would have to be willing to return without a guarantee of their safety and security."

"The UN must take meaningful measures to restore the basic human rights and freedoms of the Rohingya, whose ancestors have lived in Rakhine State for close to a thousand years."

"Those guilty of ethnic cleansing must be brought to justice. We the upholders of human rights here in then European Parlament must stand by our principles and support this resolution."

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