New EU online copyright rules "sensible and proportionate"

26-Mar-2019 @ 13:00

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New EU online copyright rules "sensible and proportionate"

Major new EU online copyright legislation has been approved today by the European Parliament.

It represents the first major update of the rules in 20 years and will ensure rights holders are fairly paid when their material is used online.

This includes newspapers whose journalism may be picked up by news aggregators and musicians whose music is posted on YouTube. There are exemptions for short extracts, links, memes and less onerous rules are placed on smaller online platforms.

The vote follows two-and-a half years of negotiations which prompted an intensive lobbying exercise by campaigners, internet platforms and rights holders.

Conservative Legal Affairs spokesman MEP Sajjad Karim, who helped lead the report through Parliament, welcomed today's decision.

He said: "We have secured many changes during the course of negotiations and what we have approved is sensible, proportionate and sees the law finally catching up with the digital age.

"My priority throughout has been to ensure that rights holders and creators continue to make a living in the creative industries and that their exclusive economic rights are protected. The emergence of new business models and platforms has created an uneven playing field and change is essential.

"I am satisfied that my goals have been achieved and the necessary safeguards are now in place."

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