New measures to help the steel industry welcome, but more needed.

16-Mar-2016 @ 1:0

Ashley Fox Ashley Fox

Emma McClarkin Emma McClarkin

Ashley Fox Ashley Fox

Conservative MEPs will press for EU anti-dumping investigations into imported steel to be further streamlined.

They welcomed today's European Commission announcement that the time taken for investigations into cases of potential dumping is to be cut from nine to eight months. However, this remains considerably longer than the process takes in the United States.

"It is a step in the right direction by the Commission and a further sign that it acknowledges the crisis facing the European steel industry," said Industry spokesman Ashley Fox MEP.

"Allowing eight months between an investigation being launched and duties being imposed is still too long. We want the Parliament to examine the possibility of reducing this time further as part of wider efforts to create an EU trade defence system that effectively prevents injury to our industries.

"The Commission must also be ready to register imports of steel products which threaten domestic steel production and, should dumping be found to be occurring, to impose retrospective duties."

Other measures announced by the Commission in support of the steel sector include bilateral meetings with countries such as China and Japan to tackle global overcapacity.

Conservative International Trade spokesman Emma McClarkin MEP supported this approach and said the issue must also be raised at a meeting of the G20 countries in China later this year.

"Furthermore, the Commission should ensure that our partners in the World Trade Organisation are reminded of their obligation to inform of their subsidy regimes regarding steel," she added.

"All these measures are key parts of the ongoing reform process to safeguard the long term global competitiveness of the European steel industry."

Cheap steel imports from countries such as China and Russia have contributed to job losses in steel mills across Europe, including the UK, where plants in Redcar, Motherwell and Port Talbot have all been hit.

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