NO BARS - Conservative MEPs Campaign to Improve Mobile Phone Signal in the UK

06-Oct-2015 @ 15:0

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Growth over infrastructure

In recent years, the mobile phone market has been accelerating at a rapid rate with UK mobile subscriptions reaching a massive 89.9 million nationwide. Markets are rife with new and improved mobile technologies, although these technologies often fall short of what’s achievable by national communications infrastructure. Full mobile phone coverage was only available in 69% of geographic areas at the end of last year and thanks to former Culture Secretary (now Business, Innovation and Skills Secretary), Sajid Javid, there are plans in place to raise this to 85% by 2017, but this doesn’t eliminate the issue.

NO BARS - Conservative MEPs Campaign to Improve Mobile Phone Signal in the UK

Unused potential

The digital economy is growing 7x faster than the rest of the economy combined, and this is largely due to the vast adoption of mobile technologies such as smart phones and tablets. Despite this surge of popularity, these devices are not being used to their full potential as they require a strong mobile signal to operate remotely. In June, we began a campaign to conquer the barriers that face the digital market, now we’re faced with another growing issue that’s hindering progress in the digital market.

What’s being done?

Conservative MEP for London and ECR group leader, Syed Kamall has experienced the issue first hand, just like every Londoner, describing the lack of signal as “astonishing” given our capital city’s status. Syed has initiated change in the capital by championing a crowdsourcing campaign to rally people together against poor mobile signal, or ‘not-spots’, throughout London. The campaign relies on mobile phone users highlighting points on a map where their phone lets them down and what impact this has on them.

Stories range from not being able to call a family member in an emergency, to being unable to call a colleague regarding an urgent work matter. The gravity of the issue is subjective from person to person, but it’s evident that this issue isn’t just a matter of lost signal, it’s the widespread negative impact this is having on people’s lives on a personal and professional level.

Raising the bar

Mr Kamall aims to gather this information on mass and present it to the highest level of politics to pressurise mobile phone operators into taking action. It’s clear, however, that this problem spans further than London. Mr Kamall has begun petitioning to MEPs from other constituencies to tackle the issue nationwide through a concerted effort, but he needs your support. We encourage you to take action and use the interactive map to tell us your story of how poor signal has affected you. Together we can raise the bar, so you can make that call when it matters most.

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