Passenger Name Records: It's now or never, lead MEP says

13-Apr-2016 @ 18:00

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The European Parliament has this afternoon debated tomorrow's vote on a new EU Passenger Name Records directive, seen as a critical tool in the EU's counter-terrorism efforts.

The Parliament's lead MEP, Conservative Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs spokesman Timothy Kirkhope MEP, told his colleagues that "it's now or never" on the proposal, after five years of delays and negotiations.

PNR is basic flight booking data which can be used by intelligence services to detect patterns of behaviour. In countries where it is collected, it has been highly effective in detecting 'foreign fighters', people traffickers and other serious criminals.
Ahead of tomorrow's vote, Mr Kirkhope said: "We have created a Directive which I know will save lives, protect rights, catch criminals, and make Europe a safer place.

"I can say with my hand on my heart that I proud of what we will vote on tomorrow. Never have the challenges Europe faces been so prevalent and inevitably the fight against terrorism has become the focus of this directive for many, given its value in combatting EU foreign fighters.

"I have been urging this parliament to support PNR for nearly five years, not just because of terrorism, but because it tackles the worst and darkest kinds of criminality which I know PNR can help prevent: human trafficking, child trafficking, drug trafficking, paedophiles, murderers, rapists.

"This is it. It is now or never for the PNR Directive."

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