Quotas for boards are a quick fix and do not address causes of gender inequality

02-Dec-2015 @ 16:0

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Conservative MEPs are today reiterating their opposition to mandatory EU targets to improve gender balance on company boards.

In a debate in Brussels, a number of MEPs asked why a proposal for gender balance among non-executive directors of major companies had yet to be formally agreed by national governments.

Conservatives do not believe that quotas and targets are anything more than a quick fix for more deep-rooted issues.

Women's Rights and Gender Equality Spokesman Julie Girling MEP said: "We do not dispute the need for more women at top levels of business.

"However we do not think that this is an area where the EU should be introducing binding legislation.

"We need more than a quick fix - we need solutions that address the root causes of why women either don't want to - or cannot - move into senior management.

"There should be more training, more opportunity and greater encouragement for women, rather than merely compulsion for companies"

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