Red card scheme - good for Britain, good for Europe

31-May-2013 @ 18:0

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Anthea McIntyre Anthea McIntyre

Anthea McIntyre Anthea McIntyre

A red card system allowing national parliaments to block unacceptable EU legislation makes sense for Britain and sense for Europe.
That is the view of Sajjad Karim, the MEP leading the European Parliament's own drive to to improve regulation by giving a greater say back to member
-state legislatures.
Mr Karim, MEP for the North West and Conservative legal affairs spokesman, warmly welcomed Foreign Secretary William Hague's so-called red-card proposal, which would give parliaments the power to veto EU Commission proposals which are too intrusive on matters which should instead be handled at local state level.
He said: "I have been lead MEP on our last two reports on 'subsidiarity and proportionality' - and we have been looking to improve the ability to resist measures which interfere needlessly and unhelpfully in the affairs of member states. I also work on the annual report that looks at how parliaments engage with the European legislative process."
Parliaments can currently wield a so-called "yellow card" to challenge unsuitable legislation - but it only allows them to ask the EU Commission to reconsider its proposals.
Mr Karim said: "We have been examining ways in which parliaments can be given more power to intervene effectively, and what William Hague is saying chimes perfectly with this.
"Subsidiarity and proportionality don't always get people excited, but they are crucial principles. They are about making sure the EU does only what it should to be helpful - and leaves the rest to national governments.

"We are already being suffocated by too many EU laws; we need to cut red tape."
"The European Parliament's monitoring body says a staggering 43% of proposed EU legislation fails in some way to consider these questions.
"I said in the Parliament on Wednesday that Europe needs more-creative solutions to give parliaments the right and the confidence to mount a challenge when they feel the tide of EU legislation is bypassing them or flowing against them.
"The red-card system fits the bill perfectly. It isn't about blocking or fighting the EU. It's about helping it do the right things instead of the wrong."
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