Safe Harbour ruling highlights the need for an international framework for data

13-Oct-2015 @ 9:0

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The European Court of Justice’s decision to rule the US Safe Harbour agreement invalid highlights the need for the adoption of a clear international framework for data that will give both consumers and innovators a clear picture of their right and responsibilities, according to Timothy Kirkhope MEP, European Conservatives and Reformists’ spokesman on data protection.

Responding to the ruling, he said:

“As politicians we need to work on concluding a set of international standards that allow the transfer and storage of data whilst empowering people to control how their data is used. We are abdicating our responsibility by allowing these matters to be determined in the courts.

“We are trying to make the EU single market go digital, yet the rules we have in place are being decided by judges, risking chaos and confusion that will stifle innovation. The EU and USA have different legal systems and I hope we can work together constructively to find a solution.

“The result of this ruling could be a patchwork of different regimes across Europe and different interpretations of how data should be stored and used. Court rulings often leave fragmentation in their wake which could be more damaging for businesses and consumers in the long run.

“Consumers and businesses just want some clear and consistent rules and so far we are failing in our responsibility to provide them.”

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