Strasbourg vote exposes Labour's migration duplicity

29-Apr-2015 @ 18:0

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Amjad Bashir Amjad Bashir

Amjad Bashir Amjad Bashir

Labour's MEPs today laid bare their party's "say one thing then do another" approach to the EU and immigration.

Just days after Ed Miliband delivered an election pledge to get tough on immigration, his MEPs in Strasbourg voted for measures that would wreck Britain's powers to control its own borders. They even voted against returning failed asylum seekers.

Following a debate on the Mediterranean refugee crisis, Labour MEPs voted in favour of an amendment calling for a binding quota system to distribute asylum seekers among all the EU countries. They also supported a demand for the EU's national governments to commit themselves to "a credible EU-wide binding mechanism for solidarity" on dealing with refugees.

If this became law it would nullify the so-called Dublin System which stipulates that asylum applications must be dealt with in the EU country where the refugee is first received. Under this protocol at present, asylum seekers who move on from mainland Europe to Britain can be returned to the country where they first landed. Instead Britain would be obliged to take as many refugees rescued from the Mediterranean as the EU decided.

The only British Liberal Democrat in the European Parliament, Catherine Bearder, voted with Labour to give Brussels more control over UK immigration policy.

Timothy Kirkhope, Conservative spokesman on justice and home affairs in the European Parliament, said: "Labour talk tough at home then do the dirty over here.

" April 18: the man who would be their prime minister stands up on Merseyside and tries to portray Labour as tough on immigration, despite their track record. April 29: his MEPs put their hands up in Strasbourg to hand more power to Europe over how many migrants are sent to Britain.

"At least the Lib Dems make no secret of their feebleness.  They are proud to hand control of our borders to Brussels."

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