Swift action urged on EU trade deals with Australia and New Zealand

25-Feb-2016 @ 1:0

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Conservative MEPs today expressed their strong support for the launch of free trade negotiations between the EU and Australia and New Zealand.

They backed a resolution supporting the European Commission's commencement of preparatory work for talks and urged that negotiations begin as soon as possible on "deep and comprehensive" free trade deals with the two Commonwealth countries.

Emma McClarkin, the party's joint International Trade Spokesman, hoped the shared values and perspectives on global trade between the EU and Australia and New Zealand would mean the talks could be concluded swiftly.

"I want to see ambitious, wide ranging and modern agreements, taking into account 21st Century issues such as digital trade, concluded as soon as possible," she said. "As Commonwealth countries with deep historical, cultural and social ties with the UK, they are very welcome partners."

Her fellow International Trade Spokesman David Campbell-Bannerman added: "These comprehensive deals are of even more importance given the recent conclusion of the Trans Pacific Partnership, a free trade area covering 12 Pacific Rim countries, including Australia and New Zealand.

"It is natural and right to seek to build better trade deals with our long standing Commonwealth friends and I will be doing all I can to help deliver these WTOPlus deals."

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