Syed Kamall: "This is the moment that will define us."

03-Oct-2017 @ 14:45

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Syed Kamall: "This is the moment that will define us."

Britain should be inspired by its history of global aspiration and a thirst for adventure as it seeks to capitalise on the opportunities of Brexit.

Syed Kamall MEP, Co- Chairman of the European Conservatives and Reformists Group, today told delegates at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester – the home of the industrial revolution - that they were surrounded by examples of what our country could achieve on the world stage.

Time for Britain to build the foundations for a better future

He said: "Now is the time for Britain to roll up its sleeves, dig deep and build the foundations for a better future.

"Brexit is an opportunity for our world leading tech companies to develop smart, online immigration and customs systems and transform the way we work, both in government and public services.

"This is our opportunity to turn our backs on the form filling and bureaucracy we've become used to, more suited to the 1970s than a global 21st century nation.

"And by attracting the best global talent we can make the UK the Silicon Islands."

He added: "Leaving the EU was never about shrinking away from the rest of the world but about embracing the opportunities beyond just one small corner of it.

"It is the moment which will define us. Not only for the UK to step out on the global stage but for the UK to act as a global leader."

Brexit must benefit all the British people

Mr Kamall stressed the Brexit deal must benefit all the British people, not just the big finance houses and multinationals that shout the loudest.

He said: "I am confident about the future because I know what kind of country this is. It is open, tolerant and determined.

"A country that opened its arms to my father in the 1950s to work here firstly on the railways, then as a bus driver. And in one generation, offered his son the opportunity to lead one of the largest political groups in the European Parliament.

"As Conservatives let's cherish that ambition, let's reach out to the future, let's embrace the opportunities of a truly global Britain."


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