Tannock asks Egyptian Foreign Minister to drop charges against British journalist

01-Apr-2014 @ 17:0

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Anthea McIntyre Anthea McIntyre

Anthea McIntyre Anthea McIntyre

A British Al-Jazeera journalist who has been charged withaiding terrorism in Egypt – despite having left the country before the MuslimBrotherhood was proscribed a terrorist organisation – had her case raised todaywith the Egyptian Foreign Minister, by Dr Charles Tannock, Conservative foreignaffairs spokesman.

The Egyptian Minister Nabil Fahmi was meeting with theparliament's foreign affairs committee today to discuss recent developments inEgypt. He told Dr Tannock that he would investigate the case of Sue Turton, whofaces arrest should she return to Egypt, or elsewhere in the AfricanUnion.

Dr Tannock met with Sue Turton last week and pledged totake up her case.

Speaking after today's meeting, he said:

"I asked the Foreign Minister to intervene with theprosecuting authorities and drop the charges. He said he would investigate.

"Seeing as Sue Turton was not even in Egypt when theMuslim Brotherhood was proscribed as a terrorist organisation, if she is guiltyof terrorism then so is every other Western journalist that interviewed them.

"Al-Jazeera English enjoys editorial independenceand Sue Turton has been a journalist for 24 years. These charges are aviolation of the Egyptian constitution which clearly upholds press freedom.

"The Egyptian authorities should now drop thecharges against Sue Turton and allow her to go about her work as an independentjournalist, and three other independent Al-Jazeera journalists being held inEgypt should be freed. I hope that Minister Fahmi will take this requestseriously."

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