Tannock: Assad deal the lesser of two evils

12-Oct-2015 @ 1:0

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A deal giving Syria's President Assad a transitional role in the country would represent the lesser of two evils, the European Parliament has been told. 

Conservative foreign affairs spokesman Charles Tannock said neither Russia nor Assad could now be ignored in seeking a solution to the conflict.

The London MEP told a plenary session of the parliament in Strasbourg: "I have been highly critical of Russia's actions in Ukraine but we cannot allow these difficulties to preclude working with Russia in other areas of foreign policy. This was true of the nuclear agreement with Iran and it is true of Syria.

"Reports that Russia is indiscriminately targeting areas of Syria that are known to be controlled by groups other than ISIS are a major concern. Furthermore, as reports emerge suggesting that Russia will consider integrating some of its troops within the battalions loyal to Assad, rebel Syrian groups announce plans to jointly fight Russian forces, and Turkey cites violations of its air space by the Russian Air Force, we only begin to comprehend the many effects and potential for conflagration that Russia's latest moves can have.

"A will from the West to cut a deal for a transitional role for Assad in exchange for immunity is worth considering however unpalatable it may appear. He is the lesser of two evils compared to ISIS."


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