Tannock: Hamas verdict wrong and potentially dangerous

17-Dec-2014 @ 12:30

Charles Tannock Charles Tannock

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A pronouncement by European judges striking Hamas from an EU international list of banned terrorist organisation was condemned today as inappropriate and potentially dangerous if not rapidly reversed.

Charles Tannock, Conservative spokesman on foreign affairs in the European Parliament, spoke out after the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg published its decision on a case brought by Hamas against the EU Council appealing against it being placed on a list of proscribed terror groups.

He said: "This is a wrong decision.  It is plainly inappropriate given Hamas's long track record of supporting suicide bombers, the reported use of human shields, child combatants, extrajudicial executions and rocket attacks on innocent civilians. I do not believe the decision is safe either."

Dr Tannock, who campaigned in the European parliament in 2003 to have Hamas added to the list of world terrorists, said: "The proscribed list of banned terrorist organisations should remain the exclusive competence of the EU member states acting collectively to defend EU foreign and security policy  interests and not subject to judicial review.

"Of course the Council decision was partly based on detailed intelligence information, much of which was classified. That is perfectly proper - and it should not rest on the ECJ to decide its admissibility."

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