Tory welcome for Gibraltar's new base in Brussels

27-May-2015 @ 10:45

Ashley Fox Ashley Fox

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Ashley Fox Ashley Fox

Conservative MEPs have welcomed the opening this week of a new office in Brussels to promote the interests of Gibraltar.

Ashley Fox and Julie Girling, who represent the South West of England and Gibraltar in the European Parliament, said the office would give the British Overseas Territory a permanent base in Brussels to maintain links with key contacts in the EU institutions.

Conservative MEPs remain strongly committed to working with the Gibraltar Government to ensure the best deal for Gibraltar and its people in the EU.

In a joint statement Mr Fox and Mrs Girling said: "Gibraltarians have a very clear view of their future. They will not waver in their will to remain British and they expect fair treatment as members of the EU.

"That means prompt and sympathetic action from the Commission when Spain tries to bully them by flouting the rules on free borders or by maritime incursions. It means equal treatment in the implementation of aviation legislation, rather than attempts to isolate Gibraltar and exclude her from the so-called Single Sky package."

"The people of Gibraltar deserve no less. The new office opening on Wednesday and the people working there will help us maintain pressure for fairness.

"Spanish intimidation is unacceptable and harms people on both sides of the border. Gibraltar has repeatedly voted to remain British and we will work tirelessly to defend and promote the interests of Gibraltar in the EU."


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