UNHCR help needed to tackle migration crisis

08-Mar-2016 @ 1:0

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A United Nations-led resettlement programme is required to provide lasting solutions to the European Union's migration crisis, Conservative Home Affairs Spokesman Timothy Kirkhope said.

Mr Kirkhope, who is rapporteur, or lead MEP, for the EU's permanent relocation system, said current measures were clearly not working.

Speaking after UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi addressed MEPs in Strasbourg, he said: "Let's be truthful with each other, some Member States feel as though the system was forced upon them and migrants want to go to certain Member States. It is not a recipe for a successful system.

"Member States will not support relocation in a meaningful way until the external border is secure, the flow of migrants has stabilised and we start to have a sense of the numbers we ultimately need to relocate.

"To truly help those in need I have long believed that the solution is direct resettlement from conflict regions. As rapporteur for the permanent relocation mechanism, I hope to tie together the proposal with an ambitious UNHCR led resettlement programme with the EU.

"Europe could offer more Syrians refuge if we could get control of the crisis. To put in place a fair and controlled immigration system does not mean you lack compassion but simply ensures that you can give genuine refugees the safety, stability and opportunities they deserve."




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