Van Orden: Ignore the noise - Britain is determined to get Brexit done

09-Oct-2019 @ 17:45

Geoffrey Van Orden Geoffrey Van Orden

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Van Orden: Ignore the noise - Britain is determined to get Brexit done

EU negotiators have been cautioned to ignore "noises off" in the Brexit process and to recognise the UK's determination to get Brexit done.

The warning came from Geoffrey Van Orden, leader of Britain's Conservative MEPs, during a debate looking ahead to next week's Brussels summit.

The East of England MEP said: "There is effectively a week left to conclude a suitable deal between the EU and the UK, otherwise the UK will leave the EU without a deal."

"This outcome would not be in the interests of either side and would leave a very bad taste. The British Prime Minister wants a deal - he has put very reasonable proposals on the table and has shown his flexibility. I am not sure we have seen the same flexibility on the EU side. It’s not too late."

"Unfortunately, over many months the EU has been distracted by noises offstage - unhelpful voices - often coming from the UK - and we have already heard some again this afternoon. These have given a totally false impression of the attitude of the British people and our determination to get Brexit done."

Later he said: "At some stage there will be a Free Trade Agreement between the UK and the EU - this of course should have been agreed at the start. We need to ensure that the ground is now laid on the basis of an amicable and acceptable Withdrawal Agreement before 31 October."

"This is the time for some true statesmanship - with an eye on the long term relationship between the EU and the UK and indeed for the well-being and solidarity of the Western democracies."

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