Vote on EU Passenger Name Records likely to happen next week

07-Apr-2016 @ 15:00

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A long-awaited vote on the EU Passenger Name Records (PNR) legislation is likely to happen next week after months of delays.

The parliament's lead MEP on PNR, Conservative Yorkshire and Humber MEP Timothy Kirkhope, welcomed the news.

The vote has been made probable after officials in the Council of Ministers were able to speed up work on the EU's data protection legislation. A vote on data protection is now scheduled in the home affairs committee on Monday night, with both data protection and PNR voted in the plenary on Thursday lunchtime.

Mr Kirkhope, who has been working to deliver the PNR proposals for nearly five years, said: "Finally it looks like we are going to vote on EU PNR. It's been five years in the making with many setbacks and much negotiation, but I believe the EU and the UK need this tool urgently.

"PNR will provide us with a vital way of detecting foreign fighters, drug traffickers and serious criminals. The patterns of behaviour that can be picked up from PNR data have proven invaluable in the UK where a national PNR system is in place. Rather than 28 different national systems being created we are now set to have a single law enabling the collection and sharing of information to give intelligence agencies a full picture and to ensure robust privacy protections across the whole EU."

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