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22-Jul-2013 @ 17:0

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Anthea McIntyre Anthea McIntyre

Anthea McIntyre Anthea McIntyre

EU Foreign Ministers have made the right decision in backing an effort led by UK Foreign Secretary William Hague to blacklist the militant wing of Hezbollah as an EU designated terrorist organisation, Dr Charles Tannock MEP, Conservative foreign affairs spokesman in the European Parliament, said today.

Dr. Tannock said the compelling evidence of Hezbollah involvement in the killing on EU territory of Israeli tourists last year in Bulgaria and planning a thwarted terrorist plot in Cyprus, alongside its involvement in the Syrian civil war, and its links to Tehran, required action.

He said:

"Hezbollah is a terrorist organisation responsible for the deaths of innocent civilians both in the EU and beyond.

"William Hague has made a compelling case that has led the EU to take action. It is imperative that we stand against those groups who side with Iran and threaten Israel and support the Assad regime in Syria in its commission of war crimes. In an uncertain Middle East, we cannot show any signs of weakness in our policy towards Tehran and Damascus backed acts of aggression. This EU terrorist designation will make it more difficult for Hezbollah to raise funds in Europe for its activities.

"To treat Hezbollah's militant wing as anything other than a terrorist organisation would have sent a terrible signal to the Middle East that we would come to regret."
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