Welcome for new measures to tackle people traffickers

22-Feb-2016 @ 1:0

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Today the European Commission launched its EUROPOL European Migrant Smuggling Centre (EMSC) in The Hague, which will support EU Member States in dismantling criminal networks involved in organized migrant smuggling.

The centre will focus on areas with high levels of criminal activity and improve capability across the European Union to fight people smuggling networks.
Conservative Spokesman for Justice and Home Affairs Timothy Kirkhope MEP said: "If we want to stem the flow of migrants into the EU, reduce economic migration, avoid further deaths in the Mediterranean and restore public confidence, then stopping human traffickers is vital.
"I very much welcome today's opening of the EMSC and hope it can replicate the success of EUROPOL's other important work in the fight against organised crime and terrorism.
"The EU is battling to gain back control of the migrant crisis and to preserve the integrity of the Schengen area. Stopping human trafficking into the EU and gaining control of the external border is crucial."
"The European Commission and EU leaders are finally waking up to the fact that common sense goes hand in hand with compassion, and that the we need to take tough action against human traffickers who exploit the vulnerable and violate our laws for nothing more than their own profit.
"Nowhere in the EU should provide for a safe haven and soft touch for human traffickers."

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