Welsh MEP backs support for threatened languages

18-Jun-2013 @ 18:0

Kay Swinburne Kay Swinburne

Anthea McIntyre Anthea McIntyre

Anthea McIntyre Anthea McIntyre

Welsh Conservative MEP Kay Swinburne has welcomed a decision in the European Parliament to tackle the threat to endangered languages across the EU.
Members of the Parliament's culture committee today voted to adopt a report which calls on EU Member States to protect endangered languages and develop strategies which address the threats facing them.

The report also points to existing cases across the EU, such as that of Welsh, where pro-active measures have led to greater use of the language across all levels of society. It urges Member States to support knowledge and best practice sharing to protect languages across the EU.

Speaking after the vote Dr Kay Swinburne said: "I am very pleased to see the need to protect endangered European languages being recognised here in the Parliament's culture committee today.

"As Shadow Rapporteur for this report, I have highlighted to colleagues the Welsh language - where policy measures have served to increase its community usage thereby reducing any threat of it ever becoming extinct - as an example for the promotion of endangered languages across the rest of Europe to follow. I am glad this report supports the sharing of experiences amongst language communities and I am confident that our experience with the Welsh language can lead the way here.

"Languages are an absolutely vital part of our cultural heritage, not just in Wales, but across the whole of the EU. It is extremely concerning to see how many languages are now endangered, with some even disappearing altogether. I am pleased to see the Parliament renewing the focus within the EU institutions on promoting their continued use".


"And to fellow Welsh-speakers, I say: 'Byddwch yn falch o’ch iaith, byddwch yn falch o’ch treftadaeth.'"
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