20th November to 24th November

Security, online copyright and helping the developing world are on the agenda for Conservative MEPs in Brussels this week.

On MONDAY Home Affairs spokesman Dan Dalton (West Midlands) unveils plans to close a loophole which currently hampers the sharing of criminal records between EU Member States. A proposed new database would have a wide range of uses, from assisting major terrorism prosecutions to allowing checks to be carried out on non-EU national applying for jobs in sectors such as education and childcare.

Syed Kamall MEP (London) will speak at an event in the European Parliament on TUESDAY looking at how the public and private sectors can co-operate to support projects in the developing world. It has been arranged by Conservative Development spokesman Nirj Deva (South East England).

Also on TUESDAY, Legal Affairs spokesman Sajjad Karim (North West England) will lead Conservative calls for changes to copyright reforms which cover way programmes are transmitted online. He argues that the rules should be limited to news and current affairs programmes as any broader application would threaten  cross border investment.


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